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This is going to be big. We tried to keep it a secret but people want in now. This is better than people trying to build a binary independently and then merge everything just before launch. This is all on a first come first serve basis. We are going to charge a $25 to hold the position which should eliminate fake accounts. No worries though, the $25 will be applied to the actual sign up later.

Firstly, you'll be part of the initial conversations and can say that you've been here since the beginning. More importantly, you can to build the foundation of the entire network. When we go live (in a matter of weeks) not only can you have your team in place but your team can also have their team in place.

Make sure that the referral code you use to join is for your the correct Affiliate/Sponsor. The next page will gather necessary info to create your account such as contact info, email etc. You have to verify a valid email so do your self a favor and use a good, working email. Thanks for joining.

Once your $25 is received your referral link will be activated and you can start building out your team.
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